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Blogs Automater

Operate Your Own Money Making Blogging Empire
The Easy and Completely Automated Way!

Let's show You how to EFFORTLESSLY Turn ON the Auto Pilot on All Your
Blogs and Turn them to 100% Automated Revenue EXPLODER Cash Machines!

Blogs Automater v1.5 just Released!
Tons of new features, tons of new Power!


Okay, everyone knows this formula, BUT...

You can't Operate More than a few blogs by hand!!!

Surely You can't! You probably already knew that. However, this is not due to a lack of drive, deficiency of passion, self motivation or shortage of work ethic. It's due to a lack of time, automation and tools! Are you ready for a program that makes your manual work 100% automated, that makes you feel like you were working in the stone age by operating your blogs by hand? Are you ready for a program that makes all rest blogging tools like they're moving in a slow motion?

Sure You are Ready! You Want More Easy Money!

We are all here to make as much more and easy money as we can! We need a software that provides extremely easy and time saving operation of Thousands of Blogs, combined with automation and scheduling our daily work for years ahead! We need an INCREDIBLE software to make our BREAKTHROUGH and EXPLODE our Sales & Profits!

Don't waste your valueable time searching the web for any other smoked out blogging solutions, Blogs Automater is the ULTIMATE blogs automation solution you ever will need!

REVEALED! The Secrets about Blogs Proven Success..

How would You like an army of blogs spread all over the internet appearing on top positions at almost every Search Engine bringing you fresh traffic and sales? How would you like sitting and watching your blogs work by themselves and bringing you tons $$$ ?

The Secred is UNCOVERED! The more blogs you are able to operate easily and automatically, the more Guaranteed Profits in your pocket! It's Shockingly Easy! There is nothing for you to invent or hard to deal with! It's as easy as setup a new blog for couple of minutes and put it on a autopilot! From now on you don't need to write yourself new blog posts and publish them day by day by hand, just let Blogs Automater cover all this work automatically for you! Your blogs update themselves automatically with fresh new content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! You'll never have to lift a finger!

Blogs Automater - The Smartest Blogs Automation Software!

Blogs Automater There are tons of scripts and software out there that automate certain parts of your blogs and technical work, but We Guarantee none and even all combined, will hold up to what our software has to offer you! Revealed, the one and only software that automatically builds and publishes blog posts! Take a minute to read over this page and see for yourself how Blogs Automater can save you time, efforts, money, and energy maintaining your blogs...

It is INCREDIBLE how an Unique piece of software can EXPLODE your online revenue in NO time!

We have news for you. This IS the right place and this IS the right time. Blogs Automater IS the right tool! Blogs Automater is the next generation in SEO / Blogging software and virtually NO ONE has it yet. That means you're on the crest of the forming wave, not underneath it.

Owning Our mass blogging software is like having an army of human writers that write, design and publish your blog posts!

Turbo Charge Your Blogs Operation Efforts!

Stop blogging by hand! Start doing it the smarter way! Blogs Automater totally automates blog posts generation and publishing for you! It will work night and day to update ALL your blogs with fresh and quality content. It will not stop bringing more and more money.

Blogs Automater handles all the necessary work for you! It grabs fresh content for your blogs. It rewrites blogs posts, it customizes them. It automatically publishes blog posts to your blogs. Using smart techniques and algorithms it does lots more that isn't available in any other software out there. Blogs Automater puts every job on autopilot.

The whole SHOCKING deal about Blogs Automater once again...

Blogs Automater is a blog automation solution that enables webmasters and SEO professionals to rapidly build an empire of keyword targetted blogs. No matter if you want to create new blogs or have old established blogs, you can put them on auto pilot pretty easily just in few minutes!

Blogs Automater is compatible with a big variety of blog platforms and software. No matter if you use Wordpress content management software or you have your blogs hosted at services such as, and others you can put them on auto pilot!

Blogs Automater automatically pulls RSS and ATOM XML feeds from sites you wish to syndicate and saves them in a database which you can easily browse and maintain. In no time you can have yourself a database with thousands of blog posts ready to be automatically published at any of your blogs anytime!

Blogs Automater is powered with features and capabilities that enable you pretty advanced and smart blogs operation. It can automatically rewrite posts content, it can automatically link keywords, it can automatically bold/italicize/underline keywords. It can publish posts to different categories. It can insert custom content to the posts. Blogs Automater does all this 100% automatically!

With simple words said, Blogs Automater creates fresh and unique content and publishes it to your blogs, while you are enjoying life and drinking beer on the beach!

In details what Blogs Automater does Automatically for You:

Operate Your Blogs Totally Automatic!
Yep, thats the SHOCKING truth! Finally a product of new dimensions is introduced with which you can automatically operate your blogs! It is the ultimate mass blogging software. It can't be better than that!

Operate ALL Your Blogs!
Just one install of Blogs Automater is needed to operate all your blogs. No matter if you have one or thousands of blogs, you can manage them just with one script install and from one admin place. The location of your blogs does NOT matter - they can be on same domain, same server, other domain, other server! What more could you want?

Automatically pull content from RSS & ATOM feeds
The software is able automatically to extract new content from RSS & ATOM feeds. You don't need to do anything else than just importing the feeds urls and let the script do the rest!

Supports All major blog platforms!
The software is compatible with a big variety of blog platforms and software. No matter if you use Wordpress content management software or you have your blogs hosted at services such as, and others you can put them on auto pilot! You can use it and with any other kind of blog software or service as long as it supports remote XML-RPC administration!

Smart Content Categorization & Maintenance
You are able to keep and maintain your feeds and content organized by 2 different criterias - Sponsor and Category. This way you easily can keep your content from different producers and from different niches/categories separated.

Content Database
All posts pulled from feeds are stored in a database before publishing to your blogs. You are able to easily browse your posts database, easily preview them and edit them if necessary! Don't loose a post, let your posts database grow by itself with the time!

Content Rewrite Engine
Allows you to define set of keywords you wish to be replaced with another set of keywords. It can even pick replacement words by random! This helps improving your keyword density and improves your Search Engines ranking.

Content Relink Engine
Allows you to convert defined set of keywords to hyperlinks automatically. This helps for interlinking your own sites and pages and improves your Search Engines ranking and overall traffic.

Content Manipulation Engine
You are able to assign the script automatically make keywords bold, italic or underlined. This helps to bring more attention to certain parts of your blog posts for the reader's eye.

Links Rewrite Engine
The software is able automatically change the link targets and their "rel" tag attribute to whatever values you want!

Custom Content Inserts
The software enables you to automatically insert custom headers and footers to the posts published at your blogs. You are able to make them more attractive and more money maker!

Campaigns Driven
Blogs Automater is campaign based, allowing you multiple and different rules for your rewrites, relinks, and etc... Basically for each different blog you can define different settings you may need to meet that exact blog personal style.

Multi Category Support
The software is able to publish the posts to one or multiple categories at your blog (if your blog software supports it).

Keyword Based Publishing
You can define a set of keywords that a post should match to be published to a blog. With a smart search engine, Blogs Automater can publish only highly keyword targetted posts to your blogs.

Unlimited Licensing
The software is licensed to "single domain install" only, meaning with one copy of it you have no restrictions on the number of feeds to pull from, the number of posts to publish or the number of blogs to publish to. Those are all unlimited! With ONE quick easy install you are ready to automate ALL of your blogs on ALL of your domains. No need to install it over and over again!

Friendly and Helpful Interface.
Blogs Automater is designed pretty carefully to make your work with it like a child's game. Everything is properly arranged and the most important features are always just infront of your eyes. Most part of the work you will regularly do is automated and you need mostly to use the mouse and not the keyboard.

Endless Possibilities and Features
Blogs Automater is a very complete blog automation solution and it shows, it is used on a large number of websites around the world. It is always under development and improvement, to provide you unique features and possibilities. For your convenience we have listed an overview of the most important features. By no means this list is indented to be complete, but mentioning all the features of Blogs Automater would simply take too much space.

Need more features? Just Request them!
We pay special attention to every customerís opinion and suggestion on improvement of Blogs Automater Ė thatís why the script is being constantly developed and improved to fit the needs of all our clients.

Pay Just Once!
The biggest deal with Blogs Automater, is that you have to pay just once! You need just one copy of the software to automate all your blogs. No longer you need to pay for a software twice or even tripled when you want to use it for multiple purposes. Just grab and pay once for Blogs Automater and automate as much blogs as you want with it! Some places even charge you a monthly fee for half of what Blogs Automater does with your low low one time investment!

Main New Features as of version 1.5

Image Download & Processing
Blogs Automater is now able to download and save images from rss feeds to your server. No more broken images, no more slow loading images! Script is also being able to resize them automatically to dimensions specified by you. No more big images breaking up your blog design!

Affiliate Verification
Probably the most unique feature that no other software can provide you! Verify if your entries from rss feeds contain your affiliate id. Stop loosing sales by publishing sponsored posts across all your blogs which don't have your affiliate IDs.

Sophisticated Review Functionality
Script now can keep newly crawled posts in database as pending and until they are reviewed by you, it won't publish them. You easily review posts with framed review screen. No more crap posts on your blogs, only approved ones will appear!

Manual Posts
From now on you can maintain and manual posts in the script database, not just ones crawled from rss feeds. Keep all your manual posts tidy arranged in the script database and ready for publishing anytime at any blog!

Improved Blog Update Controls
Script provides you more power about randomizing the blog posts publishing. You can totally control the random update period, you can skip saturdays and sundays and lots more. Automatic update period switching, extremely useful for initial blog feeding!

Direct Posts Publishing
You can now easily within 2 mouse clicks publish any of your posts to any of your blogs, without going through campaign or something. Simply find the post, select a blog to be published to and hit go!

See Blogs Automater in Action!

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I will receive FREE Installation and Setup if I am confused to get the script going.

I am sure my server will meet the following requirements for installing and operating Blogs Automater:
Operating System Unix/Linux/FreeBSD
PHP 4.3 or higher
Zend Optimizer
PHP CURL Library
PHP XML Library
Cron Jobs

I completely understand that by purchasing this product I am allowed to install it on one domain only. Despite that this software is multidomain and with one install only I can operate unlimited blogs no matter where they are located!

After my order is confirmed, I will be able to download my copy of Blogs Automater Immediately. Within 10 minutes after my purchase I can have my first blog ready!

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